Friday, January 23, 2009

take two

And it's now 2009.

April. Wow. That was my last post. Needless to say, as you likely know, a lot has happened. But, here's a quick recap...if for nothing else, myself:

*May - Barack Obama defeats Hillary Clinton in the NC Primary, and damn we had fun doing it! The beehive collective becomes official with a rockin' party!
*June - July - tons of gardening.
*August - Sir Issac Hunter and Captain Kate (seen below) join our family.
*September - 3 lovely ladies take up nest in our backyard.
*October - life is devoted to Barack, the beehive collective, and training the kittens to sit.
*November - A new president is elected! And I get an early start on Christmas present making: napkin sets, aprons, magnets, sets of cards, and more.
*December - time to reflect and be thankful for all we have. The beehive collective makes its first grant of $9,300 to Passage Home!
*January - Ring in the New Year with the decision to make healthy choices. A new president is welcomed along with 5" of snow in Raleigh.

And, so here I am...ready to take two.

It's a New Year. The hobbies have not slowed down. So, a taste of what you can expect: gardening, kitten training, egg gathering, commentary on community building, bird box building, news on the beehive collective, and love for our great state.

So, bare with me as I get this thing back up and running in the next few weeks. And, love to all my friends & Mr. lp for encouraging me to get back on the wagon again.
xo (kisses and hugs, not the coffee flavored tequila).

Monday, April 14, 2008

a busy bee indeed

There's been so much going on, that I don't know where to start...seriously.

I was planning on blogging on all the volunteer work I've been doing for the Obama campaign here in Raleigh (which has been nothing but fun, amazing, and rewarding!) over the past couple of weeks. But, instead I think I'll focus on a project that is fresh on my mind after a meeting.

A few months ago, a small group of friends came together to create a new organization called the beehive collective. The group is made up of primarily young women, who will be organizing fun projects together in Raleigh by polling our collective talents and resources to raise meaningful amounts of money for the causes we care about. Tonight we had a small meeting of some of our Board and founding members to plan our first kick-off event (to be held on May 1, 7-10pm at White Collar Crime). And, before we got deep into planning, we were asked what about this organization gets you excited. And, what I heard as folks went around the room was inspiring.
*getting young people involved in philanthropy
*building a better community for downtown Raleigh
*having the chance to do good while hanging out with friends
*the opportunity to party and rasie money at the same time!
*lifting up women's issues

But, I think what gets me most excited, is that the beehive collective is already accomplishing it's mission of pollinating community giving and inspiring young women to lead, and we haven't even had our first big event yet (set for May 1, 7-10pm at White Collar Crime)!

It seems a lot of my life has been filled with these kind of moments lately - moments that are inspiring and moving. Moments that took quite a bit of work and patience to get there, but inspire that more be done to achieve even greater results. And, because of all the work that's been going on, I feel like I should be exhausted. However, I'm actually wishing I could extend my day so that I could go out and do more. I just hope this feeling sticks around.

So, what's been inspiring you lately?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

under the weather, but inspired

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the past couple of days. I don't think I've been sick in close to a year, and I start feeling ill just days before our big work retreat - go figure. So, I've been stocking up on EmergenC (such good stuff) and tissues.

However, I did manage to find enough energy after work today to make it out to an Obama event. This event's purpose was to introduce the local (and new) staff of the Obama campaign here in Raleigh. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. 40 folks had rsvped for this happy hour at a bar I haven't visited before (it's a bit too Glenwood South for my taste). So, Mr. Love Party and I mozied on over around 5:30 to see what was going on. When we arrived there were already 30 - 40 folks in attendance, and before too long the place was packed. It's a Wednesday night ya'll! The crowd grew to probably 150-200, and was a wonderfully diverse gathering. It was incredibly refreshing. Maybe more inspiring though, was the realization that Mr. LP and I didn't know more then a handful of folks there. This campaign is really something!

We learned tonight that the biggest focus of the Obama Raleigh/NC camp is not raising money, but registering voters. And while usually I am utterly opposed to the idea of canvassing and phone banking myself - I'm actually excited about heading down to the Raleigh headquarters soon to pick up some forms to register folks (before April 11)! On the other hand, I do love to host a fundraiser. Maybe our first cook-out in the new home?

Never, in my lifetime, has a campaign been so inspiring and full of hope. All, I've got to say is, YES WE CAN!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

red heads & scooters

For those of you who prefer red heads:

Does it get any hotter? I mean, besides the fact that she's a cartoon...

This comes from a picture in Scoot! magazine last summer, which featured scooter art. I made this set of magnets for a wonderful woman I know in Raleigh.

Monday, March 17, 2008

new crafts

This is a fun project I worked on over the past week for a dear friend who celebrated her birthday on Saturday:

And my first cross-stitched card:

It ended up being a great weekend for crafting and hanging pictures after all!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

bless this mess

Life seems to move fast these days (although not fast enough when it comes to closing on the house we're trying to sell). And, with it (and Mr. Love Party) comes...mess. For a couple of months, we had to live in the picture-perfect home, as we put our house on the market and ready for showings. It was beautiful, but horribly stressful. Once we moved into our new home we welcomed the ability to not clean up after ourselves every morning - allowing the newspaper to sit on the kitchen table and the coffee cups to sit next to the sink. However, with downsizing houses, the stress of selling our old home, and just life as usual (but with more hobbies) cleaning has been put on the back burner (or maybe even on the turkey fryer outside) and completely forgotten about.

So, over the past couple of months, our pictures have taken over our soon-to-be dining room, waiting to be hung. And, we've tried to cram what did occupy three rooms into just one room. Which, has resulted in a lot of purging (there is always at least one box ready to go to the thrift store or our next community clothes swap). Simply put, it's been a mess. One that has stared me down every time I walk into a room (any room).

But, I think after three months and a super busy weekend I'm finally coming to peace with this mess. Our bedroom stays littered with clothes and our bed remains unmade. Our arts & crafts room (soon to double as the guest bedroom) stays craft ready. And, for now our dining room is home to all "things to be hung." It seems a little strange that the tidiest room that currently occupies our lives is the shop. On the bright side, the mess has seemed to increase mine & Mr. LP's communication and patience: "Honey, where is my glue stick?" or "Baby Darling, have you seen the lid to my turkey fryer?"

If you're completely appalled at the idea of this much mess, don't worry...there are plans for a clean home one day - Starting after we close on the old house, and officially feel good about putting holes in our new walls. Til then...I'll continue to tread carefully and thoughtfully through our busy, but messy life at home.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I love weekends. Ok...everyone Loves weekends.

But, I love weekends not because it's a time to relax, but because there is so much you can get done. Specifically, you can do the work you want (or have to) during the day and then play all night long.

Although, I've never met someone who loves weekends as much as Mr. Love Party. No matter how late we go to bed on Friday night, he's awake by 5am Saturday. Just laying there thinking about everything he's going to accomplish on his day off. Then he'll jump out of bed around 6:30 or 7am to start on his task list. If he's in bed past 7:30am, I know there's a good chance he's sick or super hung over. Usually, by the time I roll out of bed ready to start my productive weekend (what I think is respectable: 9am), he's already read the entire paper, rearranged the shop (tool shed), and started a new major project inside. I can't keep up.

This weekend, while Mr. lp builds a competitive birdhouse, I'm looking forward to:
*preparing my garden for planting.
*hanging pictures (finally).
*cleaning a bit.
*going to 4 different social events (2 saturday night, 2 sunday night); which includes watching the Tarheels beat duke.
*experimenting with some new designs for my handmade cards.
*and getting ready for a meeting on Monday (an extra-curricular project)

What are you looking forward to?